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Premier beauty treatments in Fitzrovia, London

Looking for a beauty salon that offers quality beauty treatments in Fitzrovia, London? Visit The Sun Room - Tanning, Waxing and Beauty Salon today.

Luxurious beauty treatments 

If you wish to pamper yourself with some body treatments and are looking for professional beauty therapists in Fitzrovia, give us a call at The Sun Room - Tanning, Waxing and Beauty Salon now. We offer a wide variety of beauty treatments for you to indulge in. We strive to understand your individual needs and tailor the treatments according to your specific needs. 
Arasys toning system

Arasys toning system

Have you been feeling a bit out of shape lately? We can offer you the Arasys toning system which is a handmade electronic device created
and manufactured by the co-inventor of the first pacemaker, Gerry Pollock. The Arasys machine uses a unique patented waveform technology to help you maintain your figure. Not only is this treatment perfectly safe and absolutely pain-free with no known negative side-effects, it also has numerous proven health benefits. 

To learn more about the Arasys Inch Loss and Toning System you can visit the Arasys website
Manicures and pedicures
Arasys toning prices

Arasys toning prices

Trial session and consultation £39

10 sessions £190

15 sessions £250

10 maintenance sessions * £150

15 maintenance sessions * £210

* Maintenance sessions can only be bought before your Arasys course ends.
Loss and toning system
Diamond peel

Diamond peel microdermabrasion facials

At our beauty salon, we have more than 20 years of experience in providing beauty treatments to our customer and making them feel completely pampered. 

If you wish to try a skin treatment, that gives you healthier and more vibrant looking skin, try the Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion Facial. This is a non-surgical skin treatment that is very gentle on your face and results in visibly smoother, softer, firmer and more radiant skin, even after just one treatment!
Eyelash treatments

Eyelash treatments

Do you wish to enhance your looks? 

At our beauty salon, we offer a variety of eyelash and eyebrow beauty treatments that are sure to leave you with perfectly shaped eyebrows. We can customise your personal style better than anyone else so that you have a look you absolutely love.
Eye beauty treatment prices

Eye beauty treatment prices

Eyebrow shape £10
Eyebrow tint £15
Eyelash tint £19
Eyelash and eyebrow tint £25
Eyelash enhancement £35
Individual semi-permanent eyelashes £95
Individual eyelash infills £40
The Sun Room _Tanning, Waxing, and Beauty Salaon
Whether you need eyelash tinting or toning treatments, we are here to help you. Call us now on 020 7637 3763

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