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If you are looking for a salon that offers Swedish massages at affordable prices, get in touch with The Sun Room - Tanning, Waxing and Beauty Salon today. 

Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy Massage...

Massages can be very relaxing and refreshing and we all deserve them. At The Sun Room - Tanning, Waxing and Beauty Salon, we offer different types of massages including Swedish, aromatherapy,  face and scalp massages. 
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body massage

Our massage and facial treatment prices:

Swedish massage (30 mins) £30 
Swedish massage (1 hour) £55 
Aromatherapy massage (30 mins) £35 
Aromatherapy massage (1 hour) £60 
Face and scalp massage £30
Swedish massage

Swedish Massage

Untie those muscle knots and relieve all that tension. We use firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. 
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face and scalp massage

Face and Scalp Massage

Clear the mind and calm the spirit. Our Face and Scalp massage is a very relaxing and effective treatment which works on the muscles in the face, neck and scalp to reduce tension, help blood circulation and decongest the sinus area. Massaging the scalp and hair also stimulates circulation, nourishes hair roots, relieves mental fatigue, enhances mental clarity, and balances emotions.
Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Relax and sooth the senses. With the combined effects of smell and touch, our calming aromatherapy massage will relax and de-stress you. The perfect way to relieve a headache or release any other muscular aches. 
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